Round wooden table - BT023

Dimension: (620*620*102)mm

Color: Art design

Material: Rubber wood

*OEM product not for retail

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Children are always the top priority in the world. Understanding this, Nam Hoa Furniture has launched many products for children, accompanying their development and helping to decorate their rooms. One of those products is a round table and chair set. The product is made from natural wood and is designed for absolute safety. 

About the material

The table and chairs are made of rubberwood. Rubber is one of the most popular woods in the Vietnam market today. They are widely used to make tables, chairs, cabinets, and indoor furniture. 

The advantage of using this wood is that they are supple, strong, and able to be bent without the fear of breaking, especially with the resistance to water, being suitable for hot and humid weather conditions in some localities. Compared to other hardwoods, rubberwood is lighter, but not as light as plastic. Their weight helps this product be suitable and easier for children to move.

Besides, this is a very environmentally-friendly wood. Previously, rubberwood was not much valued after its latex cycles, they would be cut and used as firewood. Utilizing all rubber trees helps save wood resources as currently, this resource is gradually exhausted. In the context of environmental protection being promoted and propagated strongly today, the use of rubberwood helps consumers and businesses more responsible with the environment

About the design

Children's table and chairs are designed by Nam Hoa with a simple and modern design, achieving sophistication without being too picky, and in conformity with most house decoration styles. The set includes 1 table and 4 basic chairs. The table and chairs are reasonably sized, fit for young children, not taking up much space in children’s rooms and easily stowed. Besides, to ensure safety, Nam Hoa designed it without any sharp corners. The corners are all rounded. 

The product is a mixture of yellow and pink tones, except that the table legs and chair legs are not painted but retain the natural look of wood. Table and chair surfaces are painted not only to make the product more eye-catching but also to make them more durable and easier to clean. The paint that we use is high-quality, non-toxic for children, and durable.

About the usages

Children now have their own set of table and chairs, they will be more excited and can imitate parents in the way eating by themselves, to hold bowls, to learn to write. These are the first steps for a child to develop their independence and science has proven that it is easier for children to create this habit at a young age.

After using, parents can teach children how to put the table and chairs in order. This helps children practice tidiness and is also a good habit to practice early. Even adults sometimes do not rearrange their seats after sitting. 

Our product consists of 4 seats, which makes it easier for children to play with their friends instead of having to play on the carpet. Moreover, with our furniture, children can read and eat properly, avoiding hunchbacked or nearsightedness when looking too close. 
With the above benefits, Nam Hoa Furniture hopes to bring support to children's daily activities.


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