Gifts & Stationery

A house represents its owner’s lifestyle and keeps the family’s memories. Everyone wants to make their home a beautiful place and want to express themself, show their personality through special items in their room.  

And the working table, how is yours? Is it beautiful and colorful, and have many eye-catching decorations? Or it only is a place for you to put on essential things like a laptop, plastic trays, papers, and pens,..? Do you know that your working table represents your second room, and it shows people about your personality? An empty table means you do not care much about other things, except for working. Or a table always filled with papers, notes,… means you are a busy person, or you do not know how to arrange things in your life, and so on. So, does your working table look entertaining or boring?

We are living in a world that is not only about essential things but also about beautiful things. Decorating the living and working space is now a trend and we know how to catch it up. With our creativity and meticulous design, we provide our customers with elegant, unique, easy-to-use, more useful than just being pretty and of course, high-quality. 

Why should customers choose wooden products for decoration rather than using metal or other plastic products? Because wood carries many benefits and outstanding features. Compared to plastic, products made from wood are much more beautiful and luxurious. Additionally, wood is environmentally friendly.

We not only offer you elegant stationery products but also a lot of other cool wooden gifts. We have special items for special occasions like holidays, birthdays,… for you to present to your parents, friends or lover. Let your mind and love be expressed through our beautiful wooden gifts. You can also do the same for your customers to show more cohesion and to strengthen your friendship and cooperation in the future. 

The items mentioned above are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products. Besides producing the home market, we have also exported to Europe, America,… and manufactured on demand. 

Creating a lovely living space and maximizing the beauty of your working space are the goals that Nam Hoa Decor brand heads towards. All wooden stationery products and gifts bring its unique and harmonious beauty. Alongside Nam Hoa Decor is Nam Hoa Toys, Nam Hoa Household, and Nam Hoa Furniture. Coming to us, there are abundant options for customers to make a choice, from lovely, high aesthetics, durable items over the years to trendy items. We always put our heart and soul in each product and each process, we bring out the soul of each country and culture as well.