Kid toys

The proper choice of toys for the age and personality of a child brings practical benefits. It can help develop children’s cognitive and their creativity, as well as the ability of learning. Understanding the needs of parents who desire to bring the best to their children, Nam Hoa Toys has never stopped concentrating in formulating child development products. With the motto of putting quality first and focusing on every smallest detail, we ensure the quality of our products and are proud to be the leader in Vietnam in supplying and manufacturing wooden products.

Our toys are made entirely from high-quality wood that is safe for children. In particular, children have the behavior of putting toys in their mouths to bite. The paint colors that Nam Hoa Toys use are absolutely safe for the health of children. We have gained ASTM certification - formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials, EN 71 certification – European Testing for Toys Safety, and Japan ST (Safety Toys) certification. It proves Nam Hoa Toys products meet international standards and safety for children.
We bring toys that are suitable for each stage of their brain development and also their personality. Our products are categorized into 3 groups: Creative playing, Activity playing, and Learning playing. 

Creative toys

This product line stimulates children’s curiosity and creativity, which are stepping stones of children’s cognitive development in the early stage of life. Children can have fun and meet new concepts at the same time. Therefore, they will have the chance to know more about this world.

Some of our creative toys are the building blocks, traffic string, food string, Jenga, Bến Thành Market blocks,…

Activity toys

Regular activities have a practical impact on children’s mental and physical development. Products in this line are designed to respond to children’s needs of physical activities. With activity toys, children can have fun all day and develop their height, burn extra calories, have a stable health and cheery spirit.

Some of these kinds of toys are cars, planes, rattle towers, baby walkers, xylophone music boxes,…

Learning toys

Learning toys can help children develop their comprehension, learn faster and smarter than their peers. It is one of the top purposes that Nam Hoa Toys head towards. The toys are fundamental about numbers, characters, shapes,… Besides playing and having fun, children now have the knowledge base and are ready for the school admission.

Some toys in this line are number tower, pathfinders, the alphabet game, number puzzle,…

The cost of toys is also considered carefully by parents since active kids usually break their toys easily, or kids tend to throw toys away when they are bored or do not want to play with it anymore. Our products are made from high-quality wood so it is durable, and it gets innovated constantly to be suitable for children so they will not find it boring.

Nam Hoa Toys is our main brand besides Nam Hoa Household, Nam Hoa Furniture, and Nam Hoa Decor. We have exported our products to great markets such as America, Europe, Australia,… and received positive feedback. What makes us stand out besides the quality materials is that we have professional designers that can make ideas come to life. If you have the idea, we are ready to form it. Our manufacturer is one of the biggest in Vietnam with the total area up to 20.000 m2 and has modern infrastructure and production line, which means we can deliver you on what volume size you need on time.