Household products

Besides metal products such as pots, pans,… and other modern kitchen equipment, wooden utensils have long been familiar and still remained its attraction. The reason why they are so popular for over thousands of years is because they ensure food safety and do not contain risk factors of cancer like some plastic products.

Nam Hoa Household has always specialized in wooden kitchenware. We provide many kinds of utensils and comply with Japan Food Sanitation Law. We also meet international standards and are granted an ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certificate. Our products are designed to be suitable with most cooking cultures and are made from high-quality wood, which has a clear origin and brings a sophisticated look. Some of our utensils are:

Cutting boards

All housewives would love a good cutting board. Besides, an elegant board also brings beauty to the kitchen, making it more lively and harmonious. Our cutting boards are made from various types of wood, from walnut wood to oak wood, teak wood,… Each kind has a different wood grain and color, bringing diversity to the products’ look. We provide all popular basic shapes such as rectangular or circular. We design them to be lightweight, highly convenient, durable and have some minor details like grooves or stripes for elegant highlights.

We also provide bread cutting boards made from beechwood, chopping boards made from teakwood, oak wood,…

Tissue holders

For napkin paper or tissue, we offer the elegant square boxes with two types of height: high and low. There is also a tissue box which has a lid to keep the papers away from the dust. For roll paper, there are holders that can hold one roll or two rolls at the same time and on top of each holder, we attach a tiny chef figure so it can be more pretty to be on the reception desk or dining table.

Knife blocks and docks

Our knife blocks can help arranging knives and keep them safer in the kitchen. Housewives can now find the knife they need more easily and the beauty of their kitchen is enhanced. We provide vertical, sloping, and rounded forms.

Cutlery holder boxes

Our cutlery boxes can vary from one to three sections. The purpose is that instead of putting all cutleries into one box, which can be a mess or cause danger sometimes, now customers can use the first section for chopsticks, and the second for spoons. With the third section, customers can put scissors, ladles or other utensils. We keep the natural appearance of the material, no color coating to make it simple and elegant.

Spice racks

Instead of placing a pile of bottles on the table, customers can arrange them neatly on the layers of the rack. We would like to offer a dual-layer rack and a trio-layer rack so housewives can have as many spices as they want and their kitchen is still clean and tidy.

Toothpick holders

A last but not least item on dining tables is the toothpick box. We provide square boxes, round boxes, and the appealing mushroom boxes. More options about our utensils are trays, rolling spins, glass holders,... All are refined and made from high-quality wood.
Coming to Nam Hoa Household, you can be completely assured of the quality, design, and safety of our products, because it is all made from 100% natural high-quality wood. In addition, there are Nam Hoa Toys, Nam Hoa Decor, and Nam Hoa Furniture brands for other kinds of wooden products as well. We can take on producing in mass volume and can produce on demand. Our service team is always opened to give the best consultation and advice.