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Nam Hoa Production and Trading Corporation was established in 1993. Over 28 years of operation, we have gained the trust of consumers and have many top-ranked products such as children toys, furniture, kitchen equipment, decorations and gifts.
In the beginning, we specialized in producing and processing wooden furniture, as well as decorative lamps. Our products were exported to demanding markets that were Korea and Japan and received great feedback from the customers. 

In the 2000s, we started to realize that a true quality toy line for children must come from an educational purpose. That toy can help they develop their intelligence along with the mandatory requirement of being adorable, creative and inspired. We then decided to make a step into the wooden toy industry. It was not easy because we were one of the pioneers in producing wooden toys and educational toys in Vietnam. But we had a creative and passionate design team that understands thoroughly the needs of children and each milestone of their brain development. For each growth period, we offered kids the toys that are not only for playing but also for bringing the right education, boosting creative thinking ability through every wood-based product. In 2014, the brand Nam Hoa Toys – Play To Grow was officially found and we were really happy that our toy products got chosen by many kids and parents.

But ideas have no limitation, and we are an ambitious competitor. Besides the success of Nam Hoa Toys brand, we also found Nam Hoa Household, Nam Hoa Décor and Nam Hoa Furniture brands. Customers love our products, from children's toys to the cutting boards, or kid furniture like table and chairs set. It is a great motivation for us to never stop being creative and innovating the products with proper designs because our goal is to deliver customers the satisfaction of using our products. 
With high-quality products, we have successfully expanded to big markets such as Europe, Australia, and America. We bring the soul of different countries’ culture, and traditions, together with its unique characteristics, into our products. The products are getting more and more popular, and being loved by customers. We are proud to say that we are one of the top manufacturers and exporters in the wood products field in Vietnam.

Wooden toys are our main focus, since the rapid growth of technologies, children do not play toys anymore. Instead, they tend to use phones, play games and watch Youtube video clips. We all know that it is not healthy for children’s development. That is why we want to bring something that can make them have more fun, and add more colors to their world. A plus is that wooden products are safer for children, it can protect children’s health better than other kinds made from plastic. Besides, people over the world tend to prefer using environmentally friendly products, making wood a practical choice.

To deliver customers with high-quality products, Nam Hoa Corporation invested heavily in well equipped production technologies imported from developed foreign countries. We also have modern infrastructure and highly experienced human resources. Up to 2020, we have constructed 2 factories. The second factory has a total area of up to 20,000 m2 and it is one of the largest factories in the country. It manufactures children's toys as well as some other items. It can output over 3 million products per year, which is always sufficient to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

We are also granted the certificates of ISO 9001: 2015, EN71, ASTM, ST. It is guaranteed that Nam Hoa Production and Trading Corporation will not only distribute top quality wooden products, but also deliver its safety to the hands of customers in the markets. 

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Vission & Mission

Vission & Mission




OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) term refers to companies and workshops that are in charge of producing on-demand.

The primary difference between OEM and ODM is that OEM companies are involved directly in the production process, and ODM companies are usually not because they only do the design part.

In Nam Hoa we provide OEM services with high quality products. All your requirements and ideas are professionally done by Nam Hoa and you will be satisfied.

With ODM we cater to the domestic market and retail products here.

The advantage of OEMs is that brands can have their desired products without considering the cost of building workshops. It is more compatible with the criteria of "maximizing profits and minimizing costs" that many businesses are aiming at.

Nam Hoa is proud to be one of the leaders in manufacturing and processing wooden toys, décor items, furniture, and household goods in Vietnam. Nam Hoa Corporation also brings the most reliable OEM-ODM wood products.



Over 26 years of establishment and development, along with the development of people, infrastructure, machines and production lines. Nam Hoa Corporation has enough functional equipment to produce products wooden toys and children furniture such as toys, decorations, household items and high quality furniture.