Kangaroo M - 20260 M

Dimension: (144 x 90 x 197 )mm

Material: Rubber wood

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A perfect living space starts with the elegance of colors and flexible facility layout. Nowadays, households tend to take care of every corner in their house with spectacular décor items to form a comfortable space. The items reflect their sense of personal style, whether they have a fine taste or not. 

In recent years, wooden décor items have proved to be attractive in the market. It has been more popular and is used to decorate many houses. Wooden décor items are sophisticated, rustic but do not lack elegance and modernity. It is a mix of classic and modern styles, and also creates a sense of coziness for the house.

Head towards an elegant and luxurious style, Nam Hoa Decor has launched many wooden décor items, including the OEM product named "Wood Kangaroo". 

  • About the animal:

Kangaroo is a typical animal and a symbol of beautiful Australia. It also appears on the national emblem of Australia (published in 1912 by King George), dollar coins, airline symbols, football team mascots,…

The Kangaroo is an animal from the family Macropus, which means “bigfoot.” Their primary means of locomotion is hopping. Thanks to powerful hind legs and a long tail for balance, they can leap up to 9 m over short distances in a single hop and can run at high speeds. 

A special feature of kangaroos is that the female has a deep pouch on their belly. Their pregnancy lasts for about a month, and a newborn kangaroo is called “joey”. The joey has the size of a grape, it can not see, has no fur, and will stay in the pouch for eight to ten months to get mature.

Kangaroos are placid mammals and approachable. Generally, they are docile and will not attack humans unless they are aggressive. 

  • About the material:

Decorative items made of plastic are no longer popular because most of them do not bring a luxurious feeling for the house. Moreover, many kinds of plastics have toxic substances that are unsafe for children. Instead of being made of plastic, our décor item is made from oakwood. 

Oak wood is light to medium brown. It is very durable and resistant to termites and fungal attack. Most people find that oak wood has an appealing smell. Its grain is prominent and beautiful, making it prized and commonly used in furniture making.

The wood we use is natural and is imported, supplied by the US and European countries. Customers can rest assured that it is extremely high-quality. This material brings the feeling of a harmonious, smooth, and cozy home. 

  • About the design:

This décor item is a miniature and simplified version of the kangaroos. Kangaroo’s special features such as powerful hind legs, the pouch in their belly, the small head,… are preserved, but the front legs are omitted.

Each component is sculpted from wooden blocks and assembled with high-quality wood glue. Every edge is carefully honed and the surface is polished properly. This item is not painted in any color as we want to keep the oak wood natural look, which is gorgeous and luxurious.

  • About the size:

To be suitable for many different interior designs, the product has two sizes: Medium - 20260M: (144 * 90 * 197) mm and Small - 20260S: (117 * 72 * 158) mm. Customers can choose the one that suits their best depending on the needs and decoration style of their house, along with the future harmonization with other decorations.

  • About the meaning:

Kangaroos always move forward. To go toward something new or to stay away from a bad situation, they hop. This décor item conveys people should always move forward, despite troubles. 

You may have known that kangaroos are natural boxers sometimes. They not only have an adorable look but are also tough. A kangaroo’s lifestyle does not contain words like “weak” or “lazy”. They are always active, the only exception is when they are sleeping. The stamina of kangaroos is really incredible.

In terms of family, a female kangaroo and its joey share a great bond. A joey is very vulnerable, and it is the mama to keep them safe in their pouch. The joey will stay there for around ten months until it is mature. Furthermore, when danger comes, the first thing a joey would do is get right back into the pouch.

Kangaroo-related decorations and souvenirs are loved all over the world. This is a wonderful item that Nam Hoa wants to offer customers. Through the quality and meaning of this Kangaroo, we wish to deliver the satisfaction.

An ideal living space is a space designed and decorated beautifully, and also brings convenience to residents. Wooden decorations will be an interesting highlight for your home. With this product, you can use it to play with your children too. Please visit the link https://namhoatoys.com/con-kangaroo-go/ to order this adorable Kangaroo.

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