Small rectangle cutting board with stripes - C001S-S

Dimension: (345*210*H18)mm

Color: Natural

Material: Rubber wood, walnut wood

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The cutting board is an indispensable kitchen item of every house. Like other utensils, cutting boards can be made of many different materials. However, wood has always been the most popular material for making cutting boards from the past to the present.
Many housewives prefer plastic cutting boards because they are cheaper than wooden cutting boards, and cleaner somehow. But that is not true. According to the research of Professor Dean O. Cliver, a food safety expert at the University of California (USA) and his student group, wooden cutting boards have a better ability to prevent bacteria. Wooden cutting boards are safer for users. 
Understanding this, Nam Hoa company has launched many cutting board products with diverse sizes and rich designs, made from many different types of wood. One of them is the small rectangle cutting board with stripes.

About the material:

Although plastic boards are common choices available in many colors and shapes, they can also dull knives quickly. After a long time using it, plastic boards usually have stains that are hard to remove. They cannot be resurfaced and their unpleasant look with stains is quite dirty, even if they are washed properly and regularly. Many chefs prefer using wooden cutting boards because they are easy to clean, safe for food, soft on knives. Furthermore, it does not contain chemicals and of course, it is more hygienic. Therefore, we choose wood as the material for our cutting board. Particularly, the product is made from rubberwood combined with walnut wood.  

  • Rubberwood: When the rubber tree is over 30 years old and can not yield latex anymore, it will then be put to production. Rubberwood has the color of light blonde, and its grain is straight. It is also eco-friendly and less flammable. After the enhancing process, it is stronger, more durable, and has more stamina. In addition, rubberwood is safe because it does not cause any particular health reactions.
  • Walnut wood: Walnut is a type of wood that brings a luxurious feeling in furniture design because of its natural luster and texture. It is popular among woodworkers for its outstanding features. Walnut wood has the color varying from pale brown to chocolate, the grain is usually straight, and it has a mild odor. Walnut wood is very durable, decay-resistant, sturdy, so it can be used for a long time. 
  • This product has the advantages of both types of wood. The fire resistance of rubberwood combined with the fine streaks of walnut wood provides high permeability and aesthetics to the product. The stripes act as the "spine" to make the cutting board more stable. 

About the size: 

The board standard size is (345 * 250 * H18) mm. It is ideal for cutting meat and slicing fruits, as well as vegetables. 

About the design:

We design it in classic style, both sides are flat and can be used for cutting and slicing. There is a cutout handles to help hanging easier. There are two stripes along the side that are actually black walnut wood. It makes the board harder to break as rubberwood tends to be softer than other hardwoods. The stripes also make the product have a unique look, compared to normal cutting boards on the market that usually have plain color.

The board is designed for food cutting, but its beauty is natural for food-serving.

About the usage:

The product is made mainly of rubberwood, which is a medium-soft wood kind and gentle on knives. It protects its sharpness and the sharp edges of cutleries. This cutting board can also be cleaned easily with warm water and soap, but please notice that do not soak it or put it in the dishwasher.

It can be used as a décor item in the kitchen thanks to its gorgeous look. Furthermore, this board can also be used for serving food, making the dishes look more appetizing.

How to use it longer:

After cutting, please hand wash it with water and soap, then let it dry. When the board is new or being used in dry climates, you can apply food-safe mineral oil regularly to keep the product from drying.

Nam Hoa offers customers the diverse and most beautiful wooden cutting boards and ensures its safety as well as quality standards. We use high-quality wood to make our products, and we have ASTM certification to prove that. Each design of the Nam Hoa cutting board has its style and is no less sophisticated, contributing to adorn the kitchen. Coming to us, families' health will be 100% guaranteed because of the high-quality wood material and high standard production process. 

For more information about our cutting board products, please visit this link With a unique and beautiful design, this will be a utility kitchen tool and a beautiful decoration for the kitchen.

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