Wood rectangular tray B green - H.09BGS/H.10BGM/H.11BGL

– Small – H.09BGS: (280*185*H30)mm
– Medium – H.10BGM: (345*205*H30)mm
– Large – H.11BGL: (410*230*H30)mm
Color: Natural
Material: Beech wood

*OEM product not for retail
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From the past until now, despite thousands of years constructing and developing, the kitchen is still an indispensable part of every house, because the kitchen is a place to bring energy to the family members, a place to reunite and gather every New Year's Eve. Every dish, every item contributes to the loving kitchen and helps the house to be always cozy. It can be said that the kitchen is the spirit of a home.
For the purpose of making a tidiness to your kitchen space, Nam Hoa Corporation has launched a convenient tray made of Beechwood.

About the material

First of all, differing from the materials commonly used for making trays such as aluminum, plastic, and glass. Wood is more dominated due to its rustic beauty and environmental friendliness. Gentle colors and subtle wood grains create a harmonious combination between classic and modern trends, help to catch the eyes of the viewer and make them feel comfortable and peaceful.

Secondly, wood is known for its durability during the years. Nam Hoa Household considers this advantage of wood very suitable for the tastes of consumers since people prefer product quality over flashy appearance. So the product is made of wood with a durability of up to 10 years, consistent with parents' purchasing behavior.

Thirdly, it is about hardness. Referring to certainty, aluminum, and plastic cannot be compared to wood. Nam Hoa Household’s wooden products can always be confident of strong bearing capacity, not easy to warp, break, and have been tested and proven by experts. Especially wooden toys, some naughty children must even love this toy.

Another point is safe use. In order to cope with the current environmental pollution, health organizations and communities encourage restrictions on the consumption of plastic products. Because of that, Nam Hoa Household selected wood to provide products to consumers. The products made of wood are always friendly with nature, non-chemical, non-toxic, absolutely safe for both your family and the surrounding environment.

Last but not least, it is showing off the elegance. Items made of wood always bring certain elegance in both designs and colors, suitable for both personal purposes and giving gifts. It will express the thoughtfulness of the giver, eye-catching and friendly to the environment.
In specific, the kind of wood we used is beech wood. It is reddish-brown and tough, wear-resistant. Beechwood grain is straight, it has a fine texture, and the bending capabilities are excellent. The wood is widely used in cabinets and furniture industry.

About the design

Nam Hoa Toy Household provides a simply elegant rectangular tray with a flat bottom to ensure enough space to contain items. The tray sides help to minimize the falling, or accidentally pushing and dropping tools. The edges on two sides of the tray are extended as handles to make it easier for users to carry without feeling tired. Furthermore, it also helps the tray from being cracked in the middle, which often happens when a tray contains heavy items and is carried with both hands.

In order to enhance the elegance and show the beauty of wood, Nam Hoa Household only paints the bottom of the tray in green. The color we use is high-quality and does not fade out after a long time using. The combination of green color and wood color is suitable for most interior designs, even if the house is in a classic or modern theme. Also, the edges are honed and the angles are slightly rounded to make it have a softer look.

About the sizes

Depending on people’s needs, we offer the tray set in various sizes. They can choose one between of the following sizes: Small size (280 * 185 * H30) mm; Medium size (345 * 205 * H30) mm; Large sizes (410 * 230 * H30) mm.

About the usages

In addition to the main purpose which is to use it in the kitchen, the product can be used to store kettles, carrying cups, glasses, and food; to put things in a nightstand; to be used as a tray for bathing oil and shampoo in the bathroom; or even to store toys for babies, thanks to the simple and exquisite design of the wooden tray. 

It can also be used in the living room or on a dining table to contain a tissue box, toothpick box, or teapot set. The design has an elegant and aesthetic look to adorn the table. Consumers can freely use the tray for any purpose.

Nam Hoa Household is one of the leading brands in Vietnam for manufacturing environmentally-friendly wooden kitchen utensils and the products are absolute safety in living spaces. Coming to Nam Hoa Household, you will have many choices of products made of the quintessence of wood. For more details about the product, please visit the link: https://namhoatoys.com/khay-chu-nhat-co-nho-trung-lon-xanh-la/

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